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This is a good thing that you interviewed by Rick James,and the beautiful thing i like is your telling stories about some of the amazing activity like the ice cream,so in the interview you can be friendly and can say some of the beautiful activities that you have been done,it is good to read about your interview which is awesome and fantastic.

Michael Bourne

Gidday, the interview was inspiring, highlighting the amasing way that things can unfold. I wish he hadn't skimmed over the meditation subject though, as that is a key I am really interested in. It would be deluxe to hear about your meditation insights and journey, and the connection to your life. All the best.

Jack's Muscle Maximizer Review

I couldn't stop laughing at the interview! You really pointed out some very helpful tips! Thanks for the information you gave! :)

- Jack Leak

freelance writing opportunities

It's my dream to work on a company that produce ice-cream) Where can I find a video with you?

Brandon Pipkin

I guess I'll have to spend a little more time learning about you and your philosophy since I've interviewed 21 millionaires to find out how and why they did what they did and laziness was the antithesis of what I found.

I think I'll check out "The Secret to Making Lots of Money" first.

The findings of my interviews with the millionaires are published in my book, 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Success.

solving linear algebra

that was a great interview. thanks for sharing ig

James Soto

Cool interview thanks for posting- Full Potential

Karine Shaki

interesting read :) I have recently decided to apply the lazy success philosophy, and hence am finding the best companies to keep me stress free and do the jobs for me from A to Z :) for example, everything related to PRINT is now handled by www.raidy.com or twitter @mariejoeraidy and everything related to WEBSITE & ONLINE was handed over to www.creativelounges.com or twitter @creativelounges while i do what I love best: work in finance at Le Gray Campden Hotel downtown Beirut :)

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