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Happy (early) Birthday, Fred!

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That's an interesting modification of a Beatles song :) Never thought of something like that. It kinda reflects how the progress is accelerating in the world.


The posts so far have been great - hoping for some more.


congrats. should we aim for 1 million comments? lol

Tia Collins

count my comment also, nice modification.


congrats too ... here is the waters of laziness : http://lifeinstickers.blogspot.com/

Wil Possible

you got some great ideas... looking forward to learning more buddy!


Will Edwards

Ha ha! I enjoyed reading this post. As someone once said there are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those that understand binary and those that don't.

Will :)

your success

So old? Damn it must be really tiresome. :D

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1 million comments sounds like a huge challenge! I'm probably among the first 20. C'mon people! Comment more so this reaches 1 million! :)

Oh and Happy Birthday!

- Jack Leak

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