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it's the best short piece on happiness that I've ever read.
Thanks for sharing it, I blogged about it http://drbaher.com/post/23298031 and email it to all my friends.


You got it. Success is waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, and doing what you want inbetween.


Thanks for a great blog post, Fred. Always good to read more here.

Can't wait to read your new book -- when can we expect it, and will there be a separate blog to go with?


Its a blog is great for a motivation..nice blog

Perry Lai

Wow, I totally agree with your take on success.

Some things are simply not taught in schools. Through learning success education, I managed to radically change my life in 6 months!

From earning $12 per hour as a teacher, to earning $150 per hour doing what I love!

Real world education is what counts!

Jen, writer MembershipMillionaire.com

In my point of view, I think success can be achieved either from hard work or the lazy way. It depends on the circumstances you're in. You could have all the smarts in the world but what if you just can't get a break? I think we all need to do a little bit of hard work every now and then.


i feel that laziness is torture to a man's soul that have dreams. I'm lazy to a certain extent.Doing something that i would like to do really ponders my heart knowing that i want be able to survive as an artist.

Eric Hurczak

One of the best definitions of success that I have ever read. I have to agree as well that there's always an easier, better or more efficient ways to do things. I don't know if that's being lazy or just smart, but it's the truth...at least as I see it.


This is a good article but the work lazy kind of ruins it in some way, to me personally it takes some integrity away from it.

I think its good to relax and enjoy life but if one becomes 'lazy' that can be a negative thing. Other than that I like everything else you have said and it makes sense.


Is this blog a joke?

Fred Gratzon

It is only a joke to those who do not have a sense of humor.


CHAMPIONS: NY Giants focus on FUN and ENERGY wins the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl XLII was as much about *mindset* as it was about touchdowns. One team was obsessed with perfection, while the other side decided to play with their hearts and just have fun.

Which mindset finally won the big game?

Giants legend Michael Strahan put it in perspective: "We need to come out with more energy and more FUN. That [idea] blows my mind, but it has worked."

Head coach Tom Coughlin shares the same viewpoint, saying that to succeed they had to "be excited about it... have FUN with it ...go with it."

The Giants certainly deserve to enjoy every minute of success that history can never take away.

Read the entire article here: http://www.rogue-success.com

Detroit Free Press


I like what you said. Your philosophy is true. Your definition of success is credible. Try and enforce your disciplines for maximum effect. Focus hard and think of what to do next. Always think of the easiest way to accomplish goals. Never stop sharing, it is the secret ingredient.


So true, so well put again Fred.

The thing to keep in mind is, if you're going to be successful in the lazy way, you're going to need to have more depth in what you do. Just doing less in the way you've always done it, of course you're going to accomplish less.

If you have a deeper, more meaningful attitude to what you do, there's no way you're going to feel less dignified by the results even if you accomplished in five minutes what used to take you five days.

You'll know it's because of what took place under the hood, not the tip of the iceberg that everyone can see and relate to.

That's a good little dilemma to live with.

Stephen Martile

Hi Fred

I loved reading your free sample chapter, In Search of Effortlessness. I wrote you a quick email with an idea to draw more attention to your book.

I look forward to your reply.

Stephen Martile
Personal Development Made Simple


I'm sorry but laziness is HARMFUL! Ask me. The main thing I believe works for me is the fact that during my laziness, I come up with really creative ideas but more than half of them never turn into anything concrete because I'm "too" lazy to put them to practical use.

And it's been a year since laziness has killed me. I feel if you really love what you do, you have to be anything but lazy to make it work for you. Because my business is more on the creative side, laziness helped me in the past because it made me think well, but I always needed hardwork to get anywhere with whatever I thought.

Just what I think. No offense intended to the author.


I really enjoyed reading your take on success. I was actually doing research for a blog project that I just started, and this will be an excellent source of info to reference. Thanks a bunch!


I sometimes say (pretending it is a joke, but in reality I'm sure of it): "lazy people are the best people a boss can have."
They think a while while staring out of the windows, bring the problem back to the basics, invent the easy and quick ways how to do it (without too much procedures etc etc aargh), execute it quick (they don't like work, so they work hard to get at the stage 'no work' ;-) )
But alas, then there is a new thing to be done and again they want to get rid of it quickly etc etc
So, you will have your work have done fast! Let do it by a lazy (wo)man!

Annie Robinson

This is so true, to be a success you need to feel as if you're not working for it. You are in your flow 'so to speak' and then none of it feels like work it feels like fun. The most successful people are great at this, they're having fun and raking in the accolades and the cash, like: The Don and little Rickie Branson.
I have just blogged on this very subject myself :)


Very good and well maintained website. thanks for sharing with others. love to visit again for updates.

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Thanks & Regards,



Mark - Productivity501

I think people that work really hard sometimes keep themselves too busy to really think about how they define success. That is why many busy people consider themselves successful. :)

Jerry R.

I was just curious to know everyones thoughts on the movie that most people are calling the sequel to The Secret. the film which I am refering to is "the Opus." It claims to teach the true keys to success. Many people from the secret have come back for this film. You can find it at www.TheOpusMovie.com I enjoyed the show but would like to hear others thoughts...


Jerry -

I actually asked Fred Gratzon about his take on "The Secret" a while back. Here's what he said:


I'm sure that you're familiar with "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction"...

...basically, a modern take on Think and Grow Rich, saying that focusing only on success, wealth, and the things we want brings them to us.

However to me, it seems that people like you, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson didn't achieve success by "focusing on wealth." Instead you follow your passion and enjoy the ride.

What is your opinion of "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction", and how do those ideas fit into your Lazy Way?


Actually, I haven't read (and am not really interested in) The Secret, Laws of Attraction, and Think and Grow Rich so your synopsis is all I have to go on.

But you are correct. Focusing on wealth is a waste of time. Doing what you love is the key to success. Money is a fruit of an action and you have no control over fruits of action. You only have control over
action. It is better to treat money as a side effect. If your karma is to be rich then you will -- focus or no focus. If your karma sucks in that regard, you can focus until your eyes fall out and you won't get
two nickels to rub together.

It is far wiser and more useful to define success in a meaningful way. Money is much too superficial. Plus money is so damned fickle. No matter how much of it you have, you always think you need more. You should do things that bring health, happiness, family, friends, personal fulfillment, contributions to humanity, love, wisdom, and enlightenment. That is a life worth living. Focusing on money is empty.


nice post, can influence people ☺ love to share it

Michael Miles

Wonderful post. Very much in line with my own thinking - I explore similar themes at http://effortlessabundance.com/

Success Reviewed

Very observational material. Success is a mindset really it's just a decision you make.
Your comments and view point outline that really well.

Chris Sargent

First I would like to thank the author for pointing out that success is more than a goal to be achieved. It is a way of life. That is the goal of the community I am forming: How to create a successful way of life. If you are the kind of person who wants to both learn from and teach a community devoted to learning how to be successful...


sorry but this is rubbish.

when someone says someone is "successful" the modern connotation is that they have a good life. you can define "success" in any way you want, for instance i have just successfully eaten a bacon sandwich. but to be "successful" no longer means the same thing in the modern world, whether that's right or wrong it's a fact. you can successfully spread love and be really happy but that does not make you "successful".

in the real world we live in, it is impossible to live to any standard without striving to move up the economic ladder. to be a success you need to apply success in all areas of your life towards the 'process' as you put it.

James Ray Enthusiast

Hey, I really enjoyed reading this! THANKS! I’d also like to share with you this book I finished that might offer you some new insights. It’s called Harmonic Wealth and it’s all about finding harmony in your life in all areas - financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. It has some really good tips about how to engage all five pillars (or areas) of your life, and to learn more about how they complement each other. Rather than dealing with each issue individually, maybe take a look at the bigger picture.

Here’s the link to that book I recommend: harmonicwealth.com/read

Ed Winslow

You're obviously doing something I'm not. I would say I work hard but what I do I hardly call work.

However much I like what i do I'd rather be winsurfing in Ho'opika


it was nice,really nice .i think i need sb to remind me that!

Andre Loibl

Hi Fred,

you couldn't be more right!! :-)
Hard work is just a sign that one hasn't found "his" or "her" special way.

There is no limit in abundance here in this world and all we have to do - is to open up our selfes and ALLOW us self to receive - the easy way!!

Be blessed,


I agree with some of what you are saying. Our difference in opinion is found upon our different definitions of what we consider to be "work." If I am correct, when somebody is conducting "work" or "working" they are doing something that they are not passionate about. I define work as simply expending energy towards an outcome. You can be very passionate about working to achieve an outcome. In regards to this conversation about passion and working I'd highly suggest John Assaraf and Murray Smith's new book "The Answer." Here is the page... www.readtheanswer.com/index.php?RTA=web2


Your definition of success reminds me of another that I have recently discovered. Kathy Kolbe defines success as the freedom to be yourself. If you are being your true self, then work will come easy and allow you to be “lazy.”


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Brian Maxwell

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Think Big!
Great Day Everyone


I believe you have a very unique view of success, but I disagree that hard work is not a necessary part of life. Hard work often bring with it hard lessons which achieve the wisdom you mentioned is one of the parts of success. The easy way out is often the favorable way to do things, but, sometimes is not the best way to do things. You have some very valid points that I do agree with though. You should love what you do and live how you want to be ultimately successful.


I believe you have a very unique view of success, but I disagree that hard work is not a necessary part of life. Hard work often bring with it hard lessons which achieve the wisdom you mentioned is one of the parts of success. The easy way out is often the favorable way to do things, but, sometimes is not the best way to do things. You have some very valid points that I do agree with though. You should love what you do and live how you want to be ultimately successful.


Hi Fred,

I enjoy your posts and your philosophy on life, yet I have some questions. When you talk about "the lazy way to success", do you just mean financial success? I ask because it seems like, at least sometimes, other areas of life take (I hate to say the word) work.

For example, I love my wife, and most of the time we get along well. Like all couples, however, we do fight. And confronting issues is hard work for us, yet to me its beneficial and necessary. How does that fit with your philosophy, or does it not apply?

Another example would be exercising. I have certain fitness goals that involve me doing mostly activities that I enjoy (75%), and some that I don't enjoy (about 25%). Are you suggesting I do not do the 25% because its work for me? Do you believe that I should only do activities that I enjoy but also have a fitness component? Just trying to make sense of things...thanks!


Laziness will not bring you up into success. It is the enthusiastic-way when you do something that bring you up into success.

Laziness is not the point in your way to be success. You need to have a passion in something.

Do nothing = means nothing..

Spend your time sitting on the chair and stay lazy is wasting your time.


Hey, F0r me, Success is t0 laugh much and sp0ntane0us :-)


Hey, F0r me, Success is t0 laugh much and sp0ntane0us :-)


This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this, I stress very common similarities on how you write about "success."



I am impressed with your definition of success. Very smart ideas.


I absolutely love what you wrote in this piece and you're absolutely right: You avoid work by loving what you do. You would be an interesting interview for that motivational/automotive magazine called Heavy Hitters Magazine.

Richard Lockyer

brilliant, success is all about avoiding work definitely agree with that.
Business should be more fun but we all get bogged down with our own seriousness at times don't we!

Richard Lockyer

Lazy and Horny

Is there a lazy way to get laid? I keep waiting around for models to bang down my door, begging me to satisfy them. But they never show up...


I think that people are begining to wake up to these ideas, If you want to succeed the old way it takes much more work because of the definition of the old way of success meaning a "means to an end" "goal at the end" When the highly evolved understand the process and journey is the success in itself.
The definition of how one perceives success, can either have this blog post make a lot of sense, or make no sense at all. It's really a matter of how you perceive what success means to begin with.

Shane Hudson

This is a very very good definition! I have a post on my blog that talks about the same thing. Please read it! http://successcircuit.com/what-is-success/


Thanks for this new idea.Success cannot be measured by what we have achieved and accomplished from the past. It is by what we do today. How we live with others. MOre than what money can buy.But on how people say and what they say to you behind. Smart living however does not guarantee success when it was done in a wrong way. Many smart people are doing the right thing just to tap their ambitions but they do it improperly. I see success when people get richer when I am not, when others are turning wealthy when I am in need. It is because I've learned to live with a purpose one day at a time. Life is complicated, and I am making it simple, humble and full of satisfaction. Even a cow in a green pasture does eat both green and withered grass. Man has no contentment ever unless he finds it within. Therefore, there is no such thing as greener pasture, only a satisfied life. I thank my mentor in life coaching kamja who has helped me a lot to live in a new dimension of success.

Paul D

Hit it on the head...that's why I like this blog.


What a wonderfull way of thinking!
I wish people were more relaxed and let their satisfaction and creativity flow.

Thanks for this article!

Jack Zufelt

In some ways being lazy can be a real motivation. Don't you want to succeed so you can have more time to do nothing and be lazy?


Love your post.
You are so on target about not being able to see a better, smarter or easier way when you are working hard.


I'd have to agree that most people that work too hard don't seem to have the energy to find a better (or "lazier") way. Then I remember that I used to be like that as well.

Vicente de la Fuente

I do agree that success is a process. It is a "crucial" process. Why? because you have to undergo so many obstacles (steps) before you harvest the fruit of success. As i quote you "Most people think you need to work hard to achieve success. I do not think that is true. I believe the opposite is true. I believe you have to learn how to avoid work to be successful. I define work this way -- if you'd rather be doing something else, then you are working."I beg to disagree. In my own opinion, we need to work hard, shed our sweats just to reach our goal. This is the most sweetest thing you will experience if you work harder for the sake of success.


i think what the author is really trying to say is avoiding the word "work" and all the negative things it entails by finding a money-generating activity that will fulfill your heart, soul and pocket. it's like seeing things in different perspectives. here being lazy is not going to a job that is too heavy for your heart, not your body.


Success is going what you love. Love is the highest emotion that a human can feel on the positive side. by doing something you love, car , money and fast women become irrelevant and the next task keeps you up late at night......

This is what life is truly about.

Roseanna Leaton

Lovely definition. Its all about loving what you do no matter what it is as opposed to feeling that you have to find something that you love to do.


This is one of the best definitions of success that I have ever read. nice post, love to share it.It is only a joke to those who do not have a sense of humor.

Wendy Florencio

Just downloaded your book. I haven't read it, but already am in love with your blog. Keep up the great "work".

 Poul Anderson

This is so true, to be a success you need to feel as if you're not working for it. You are in your flow 'so to speak' and then none of it feels like work it feels like fun. The most successful people are great at this, they're having fun and raking in the accolades and the cash, like: The Don and little Rickie Branson.
Nice post.


I agree that success is a process. For me being with my love ones and still earning is important and attaining this is a great success for me.


That's a wonderful idea of success, very simple but striking! For a fact, many people have viewed success as a hard-to-achieve goal, and that makes them frustrated when they seem to be very far from it. Well. people only needs the right motivation to let things happen. To stay inspired and motivated, there are a lot to check on:
Motivational Life Coaching

Linda Davis

Thanks for posting this, I agree 100% with your definition of success. As Henry David Thoreau puts it, "live the life you imagined." That to me is the ultimate definition of success.

Matt Johnson

I like to work hard to make a thing easier, but i don't necessarily use the easy result/process after. Others can be satisfied to take the easy path that is laid out in front of them, not really knowing why they are travelling it, but i would rather be on to the next trail with my compass! Does that make me not smart enough to be creative or not lucky enough to have found a lazy way to do things? I agree that enjoying the fruits of your labours can be rewarding, but if you had not laboured to gain the fruit would it still taste as sweet? Like people "success" should not be defined by one man for everyone else... feel your own success. I am not succesful, but i strive to be and that is what keeps me going to work every day. If i won the lottery i wouldn't care about success any more. Who is more successful? Cheers, keep up the good work.

Fabrice Joseph

I see that some people didn't get it... The term lazyness is like a metaphor that says success should not be hardwork but a labor of love...Effortless

David @ A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Wonderful post! And I love your book, by the way :)

Paul Anderson

Yup..You are absolutely right..From the second paragraph itself i realized this post contains something unusual. Total opposition to the predefined pattern makes this one more pretty..Nice one..

Rich @ Haiku-It!

I think success is relative to your expectations, so to define success you need to consider your own expectations...

It's all relative!

Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

Great point! Success is like a check list. You can have a million dollars in your bank and have no friends, lacking in health, no passion or no motivation.

It is true what they say, money can't make us happy. If success is money then have some of the riches people in the world overdosed? If money is everything, then what led the most rich and famous people to believe that life isn't worth living... they're successful right? They have money right?

Nah!! I beg to differ. I agree with you. Success is more to life than just money.

Great post!

Yohanes Wahyu Purnomosidhi

Wow.. interesting and inspiring. I will read your book. It sounds controversial but interesting :-)


Work smarter not harder. I entered into my new job and thought "I must be doing something wrong because I am not working as hard as the others". I realized that I was approaching the job differently and learning ways to minimize my duties with maximum output. I should be an economist!

Mark R. Williams

Wow, with so much information out there conflicting on this kind of information it is nice to find someone who sums it up nicely;

Hard work is a myth!


I agree with you that success is measured in health, happiness, material prosperity, love of family and friends, wisdom, influence, and fulfillment and not only how much money you earn. I disagree about how working hard is a way of saying i couldn't find out an easier way to achieve success, I believe you can achieve success both ways. For example my dad is a really hard dedicated man who works really hard to provide everything in my mom and brothers life and we have a very good life and nice house, good relationships.
It depends on the persons definition of success. Like success to my father is working hard to provide a good life for our family. Success to you is finding the easy ways to do things in life but sometimes not everybody has that chance and has to work hard to achieve sucess. Im not bashing you or what you wrote, I agree with it but, I disagree how hard work is not acheiving success what if you enjoy challenging yourself in life?

Rebecca Cheng

I suppose you really meant easier instead of lazier [Hard work is not the answer. Finding an easier, more effective solution is...] But they are really one and the same if you feel that way.

It's more like that these people who use sheer brute force or hours as hard work without enjoying it all have not learnt to be confident in themselves. The power of their minds are often left out of the equation.

Working in a restaurant some time ago, people there equate thinking your way through problems as laziness and sheer bustling about while accomplishing little as productive.

If that's what they want to do, so be it. I much prefer to use the Law of Attraction and accomplish much more with far less effort. That of course includes income and holidaying on the beaches by choice.

Setting Goals

Very nice article. Being happy and live in a way you want is what success for me. What is money and wealth if your not even happy in what your doing. Thanks for sharing.

Jack's Muscle Building Diets

a great motivational post about success. it explains how we can achieve it without being too stress.

- Jack Leak

motivation forever

Definitely you must do what you love doing and ENJOY yourself while doing.I think working smart is preferable to working hard though both go hand in hand. Its then that easier alternatives to the task are put in place.


What if a person loves working hard and has knows their entire lives to work hard instead of finding the lazy way out? Success is in your mind and what you make of it.


'Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working'

What is work though? It most certainly is not defined solely as that which we do for money. One's work extends far beyond that.
Furthermore, I see a marked difference between laziness and being still. Laziness only exists when you expect a result from inaction. Being still, is just... being still.

'Let the beauty of what you love become what you do'

So many people interpret this as "make a career/earn money from what you love to do". One doesn't have to be limited by their day job in what they do. Of couse money must be earned, but beyond that your time is yours! Basque in the glow of simply enjoying yourself without the need for outside recognition, promotions and everything else. Of course, if you are able to make money doing what you love, more power to you.

Your definition of success is brilliant, and should be widely shared.

I also invite you to visit my blog - That Which Really Is - for more musings on this topic and many others of similar mindset.


I saw this video, and this guy makes a really interesting point about our society's need to redefine success. Short video, and worth the watch:

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Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

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