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Hi "Jake's Dad"

I've seen these kids and they ARE great!

But please dont say the "chapter is over"... remember there's still UNIVERSITY DI! It takes DI to a completely new place for most teams :-)

So, I hope the kids dont stop. Be sure and give them my contact info in case they do want to try again when they reach college. It's been a joy to watch them compete over the years...think of the fans they've made-other than their loving families- who'll miss them if they dont come back!

Loved your web page.

Chris Groberg
University Coordinator


Congratulations to Jake, Jake's team, you and your wife!

It seems that apple does not fall far away from the tree... ;)

Rachel E. Stoltenberg

I follow this page closely. I'm a big fan of the book. Another splendid post!

Alex Smith

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katie leaf

jake dad i love di i cmpeted and came in first globally for my age rock onn


Hello! A friend shared your blog with me because he knows I'm a DI fan. I just want to say congratulations to such a great team! What an impressive record! I'm going on my 17th year in this program, started as a participant myself. I have a brand new baby and hope he'll have his own DI team some day. Do you have any tips for team managers about making a good DI team great?

Eric Wordelman

Great post. It sounds like tons of fun. Where can I sign up?


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Very very nice photo.

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Hay.... A friend shared your article with me because he knows I'm also DI fan. I want to say congratulations to such a great team! What an aggressive record! I'm going on my 12th year in this program, started as a participant myself. Do you have any tips for team managers about making a good DI team great?
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My congratulations. You will never work if your work is what you like most of all in your life.

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I appreciate this kind of sport and definitely they have to work hard for reach the goal...You guys keep motivated you are doing a great job..

Jack's Muscle Building Diets

you must be a good father to be able to have been blessed with such a son. thanks for sharing your story. It truly is inspiring :)

- Jack Leak


really nice photo, you look like a successful team, thank you for sharing this story..

Kris KUmar

I know you posted this several years ago. I completely sympathize with the duct tape part. My house is a complete mess 9 months of the year. Did DI help Jake in getting admitted to a good University?

Fred Gratzon

Jake’s DI experience has been invaluable. He probably would have been accepted to the University of Iowa anyway (the only school he applied to) but he definitely approaches “real life” with a DI mentality—no boundaries, pedal-to-the-metal creativity.

For example, he’s currently doing a six-month internship with IBM in Rochester MN. My parting words to him were: “Jake, now remember, you’re only the intern, not the president.” Of course those words had zero impact. After attending IBM’s weeks-long orientation/training seminars for new hires, Jake made an appointment with the head of human resources. When they met, he told her why their training program was terrible and how it could be improved. Instead of throwing him out on his ear, she teamed him up with a senior employee to overhaul the entire training program.

He’s already shown his boss how a simple computer program could make his current job completely unnecessary. That’s how he thinks. I credit his approach and his confidence to DI.

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