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Rachel Stoltenberg

That's funny. I just had a discussion about eggs in ice cream. We decided it was odd. Good call. Way to "hack away the unessential."

Speaking of free advertising, you're never going to tell us the name of the ice cream brand, are you?

Fred Gratzon

I did. It was The Great Midwestern Ice Cream Company.


Oops. Silly me.

Wealth Building Lessons

Ingenious indeed!

thanks for sharing.


Nice graphical refitting! :)

Thomas Cali

Great article!

Juho Tunkelo

Good point about publicity being non-targeted. And how you turned that into your advantage.

Love the new layout!

Ng Yong Hui

Thanks for your book !
A Really Great Help !
Finally A Better Way.....


Great story. You know, journalists don't always deliberately misquote you when they're giving you free publicity. The last journalist who interviewed me said that he really struggles to read his shorthand sometimes and has to guess!


Hey Fred, we just set up our own blog site to talk about our own lazy philosophy of life. Googling around to see if anyone else out there was doing something similar I found your site, and it's already inspired a post (I don't know how to use the talkback thing).


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Steven Carriere

I just love free advertising

David and Lorrie Couch

Great information.

Jaye Johnson

Sweet! Loved that story. By the way, with all that sweetness, who is taking care of those pearly whites? Get the scoop on where to get a really sweet deal on that too!


Finally, free advertising is really free.

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Rob Towns

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Nice Job! Here from googlefirstpagetips.blogspot we are lazy laws followers too!

Janneth Whitworth

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Janneth Whitworth

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Jack's Muscle Building Diets

now I'm craving for ice cream after reading this! haha! I think that's free advertising right there!

- Jack Leak

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