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Rob VH

Dear Fred,

You yawned at the prospect of meeting a "2nd or 3rd tier" Presidential candidate. I would urge you to make one exception and to meet a man who is FAR for interesting than the disappointing same-old-same-old first stringers.

If you want to meet an exciting candidate, then make a point of meeting with Congressman Ron Paul (www.ronpaul2008.com). He's a fascinating man, a true warrior for freedom and integrity, and -- perhaps most importantly -- the chutzpah and amazing growth of your ice cream company mirrors the amazing story of Dr. Paul's own run for President.

Here's a "little guy" with a ton of character, integrity, and testicular fortitude who's getting phenomenal grassroots support from people of every social and political stripe. And I'm saying this as a Canadian who can't even vote in your elections but who is fascinated by your country's history and very concerned for its future -- which affects us all.

Rob VH

Jack's Muscle Building Diets

@Rob VH: hahaha! You just made me laugh with your comment!

- Jack Leak

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