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Hey Fred, correct, that price for the happy book is right!

So when you put out your second book are you gonna get all hip and put out a free online version of the Lazy book for us cheapskates?

he he he ;-P

Alexander Kjerulf

Wow - thanks for the kind words Fred.

I may have to put "one smart cookie" on my business cards now :o)

Have a (continued) great vacation!


Josh Bickford

I cannot wait for the next book. Coaching techniques is exactly what I need!

Any chance the book will be done before Think! in Amsterdam?

steve in sunny florida

Uncle Fred,

Nice to have you back. I thought for a minute that you had permanently slipped into the land of blissful rest forever. Can you give an update on the TM group assembly? Have any studies of world trends been done since the last time you posted about it?

Steve in Sunny Florida


Your website is beautiful, informative and Excellent.

John Wesley

A perpetual vacation, what a vision...if only my employer saw it that way.

Alex Shalman

Hey Fred,

Your book sounds interesting. Some kind of accelerated learning for sports? Can it be applied to martial arts as well?

AS - www.alexshalman.com


Enjoyed the blog - its the philosophy I personally try to live by. I learned it when I was in the Marines. My old platoon sergeant told me one Monday morning as he rolled into work three hours late but without the panic look on his face of "Oh no... I'm gonna get in trouble for being late!" I asked him - "Arent you worried about getting called onto the carpet?" He showed me his clipboard full of official looking rosters and whatnot and said to me -"If youre gonna make it in this game the key is to 1. Always look like you know what youre doing. 2. Always look kool doing it. 3. Always carry a clipboard. 4. Always look mad. If you follow these four rules they will always think youre involved in a project that they dont want to get tangled up with."

While I'm not a big fan of working hard at doing nothing, I do carry this philosophy with me into the ranks of small, entrepreneurial business owners who - knowing darn well that my employees know more about the actual mechanics of the business, I carry my clipboard and occasionally note things on it so that the veil of intellectualism is not pulled away. I also have learned to hire people who have more technical knowledge than I do.

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