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Dreams are very important. It is a great thing as an employer to be able to nourish your employees dreams.Also a good way to maintain quality people.
As a former teacher, I always used to encourge dreaming. It is a sad thing when someone is unable to dream.


I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, I'm genuinly curious as to how an ice-cream shop qualifies as a "paradigm-shifting-world-changing-mega-home-run" idea? Seriously. How did it motivate you so much?

Actually, long distance phone calls don't seem all that exciting either, now that I think of it!


Nice post. It definitely hits home. I left my last full time job with those same words: "It's just not my dream and it's not fulfilling to work so hard to help someone else achieve theirs." I try to come back to that whenever I lose momentum on my "side" projects.

I get the paradigm juice idea you presented -- problem is, if your overarching dream is just to be financially free (mine is), I think it's harder to identify projects worth pursuing, don't you? I mean, I have business ideas all the time that could be IT. Ultimately, I think the approach is evaluating that business (with hard data) in conjunction with your passion for it. Didn't read your ice cream saga yet, but I'm guessing that evaluation had something to do with you moving forward as far as you did.

New to your blog (referred by JLP at All Financial Matters). Looking forward to reading more here soon...

Andrew Brunelle

Hey, I love your blog. It's very inspiring. You really hit the nail on the head in a lot of the posts, and I'm now considering getting a hammock. I'm looking to start my own business, but taking the path of least resistance and the most joy. We'll see how it goes. I'm surely looking forward to it. Thank you.


It's good to finish what you start, just keep that dream driving you.

Jack's Muscle Building Diets

when you really want to do something you will do all you can for it to be successful. Keep dreaming and striving.

- Jack Leak

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