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This is really true. I love how Fred can express deep truths so simply.

My wife is always complaining about the weeds in the yard. I pull them, but feel a little sorry. I always tell her that they don't know they are pests - they just want to live and grow.

When I see full grown weeds, I'm amazed that they are actually nice to look at, with flowers on top.

I have a similar story on my blog about how everything is perfect the way it is, and has a useful purpose: The Cracked Pot

steve in sunny Florida


I really enjoyed your post. But I have some follow up questions. How do you suggest one gets deeply rested. TM? Or TM coupled with other things?

Also, how does one accomplish getting deeply rested while working full-time and raising children? I feel lucky to get 8 hours sleep most nights...

HP van Duuren

The Lazy Way WORKS!!
OEPS.., Sorry, it helps to increase your Consiousness. Now I work less and earn more on bonusses, don't have trouble with Traffic Jams, because I simply don't work long enough to be in them. Also "Weed-Out" most of the "Mind-Rotting" television to avoid traffic jams in my mind also. I playfully created 4 websites one actually had 1000 visitors. Now I like to build on the trust that my other websites can attract visitors aswell, do you have any suggestions about how to build the trust that more website traffic is under way?


Why should it be bad to travel around? Personally, I figured that this is exactly what I needed. Going abroad, meeting lots of new people, that really inspires me. Yes, it is exhausting, but positivly. I'm feeling human again. All this wouldn't happen if I'd stay at home where everything is safe and convenient.

Leaving the your cozy nest, at least for while, always teaches you something about yourself. And our world is such an exciting place!

I agree with many of your points Fred, but this I don't understand.

Fred Gratzon

Nothing is wrong with traveling around. It is actually doing him some good by giving him some new perspectives and teaching him self-sufficiency. It is, however, wearing him down on several levels. We’ll see if it gives him the spark that the is looking for.


Fred, this site is getting a little stale.Unlike earlier, when it was refreshing and interesting.
The Focus seems to have shifted to TM.

Ha!, The vedic pundits could have well remained here in India and do their bit to bring the light of joy into the eyes and hearts of countless people living here under poverty levels.

My country here has become almost like a satellite state of USA serving their business interests in the shape of a backoffice.

While one third of the population here equal to that of USA is living under poverty, another one third has been affected by the American way of Globalisation losing human values and LAZY way of Life in their zest for achievement of material success at ANY COST . While the rest are trying to somehow make it meaningful in the midst of all the contradictions.
So Fred, convince and pack them off to India and for good measure you can accompany them here.You will learn a bit about LAZY way, in our hinterland here.


During this holiday season, we have had a number of visitors escape from the city to come out and see us sitting on top of the mountain in Arizona. They have been astounded at the difference in what we call daily life and what their hectic experience is back in the city. I'm glad that I live in the middle of nowhere, and most of the time can still participate in great endeavors as a remote programmer, but not very many people are courageous enough to try it. (And not very many managers are capable enough to support remote workers.)

Any suggestions for the wannabe city refugee who just doesn't think they can ever leave the safety of the large city? I'm just here because my wife was tired of the earthquakes, traffic, smog and riots in LA in the 1990s. If not for her action, I'd probably still be living in Pasadena.

Mark Withrow

Interesting observations, Fred.

I was intrigued by your take on the Bizarro cartoon. I had seen the same cartoon, and my reaction was somewhat different. Instead of feeling pity or condesension for the man on his deathbed -- because of his supposedly shallow or meaningless life -- I actually admired the old guy.

Why? Because he is shown surrounded by his FAMILY at the time of his dying. That fact alone is proof that the biggest and most enduring accomplishment of his life was so much more than simply how many laminated countertops he had once sold. Or, for that matter, how many money he had (or had not) accumulated, or how many long-forgotten magazine covers or TV interviews he had (or had not) appeared on.

Rather, at the moment of his greatest personal need, when he was feeling the most alone, scared, and vulnerable, his family demonstrated the true value of his life and the depth of their love for him. They did this by climbing out of their individual hammocks to do the hard work of gathering around him in support, so as to let him know that his life had mattered deeply to THEM. Their is no finer evidence of a life well-lived.

It's difficult to tell from the cartoon, but it could be that the setting shown is not inside a hospital. Therefore, perhaps we are to infer that his family had brought their pater home to die, so as to provide for his hospice care themselves, and not leave him to die surrounded by strangers. Again, more hard and difficult WORK, undertaken by a loving family. And, because they truly loved the old gentleman, I believe they would have felt privleged to do so.

Food for thought...

Jack's Muscle Building Diets

I've never heard of Lamb's Quarter. What does it look like?

- Jack Leak

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