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steve in sunny Florida


I have found this approach of working backwards (or bringing in the light, so to speak) to work very well with my students. Most teachers call home when students are acting up, which just further frustrates the students and wastes the teacher's precious time. Rather, I have found that by calling parents when disruptive students have a good day or turn in homework or score high on a test does wonders since it's proactive not reactive.

Eric N.

As a Software Analyst you are spot on. I find the team I work in is constantly challenged by extreme aberrations resulting in major challenges to our production software. Some of the team focuses on the metrics, and numbers of the problems in the system. Others try to figure out what part of the system needs a bandage. And others, like me, work to placing the bandage.

More often than not I take a step back from the craziness that follows one major day of the week when we're processing large amounts of data and realize that the reason for many of these problems isn't necessarily about shoving a square peg into a round hole, but more so that they should be looking at stacking cubes instead! The entire analogy at times is flawed and someone with much more seniority than myself needs to decide when they'll consciously accept the reality of what they're doing and develop positive incentives to keep folks engaged.

If you want different results...



Why focus on what you don't want when you can focus on what you do want? Great post, and that's why I'm so glad you took on that new challenge!




when some of my friends saw the title of your book "the lazy way to success" they all thought it was a joke book turns out the joke is on those who decide not to read your book . i myself have only perused it but i am too lazy right now to read it properly which I will .


Thought provoking post as ever Fred. Do keep cranking them out. Yours site is a gem.

Julie Plenty

Great post Fred and it makes perfect sense to use reverse engineering. Anything less is often "stinking thinking".

I think you're right in that the effects can be easily seen and that we're not very good at locating the hidden causes. Where I part company with you is WHY.

I actually believe that governments, medical, educational establishments, as well as individuals all know deep down that what they're doing in solely treating the effect is not very effective in the long term.

I actually think that they scared of locating the real cause because it'd mean that their survival would be threatened. For instance if people really understood how much of their health lies not just in their lifestyle, but in their feelings, emotions and if they knew simple, effective ways (and there are such ways) of managing their emotions and reducing illness, we'd all rejoice and doctors would be telling their patients all about it right?


The medical profession would feel threatened, because their whole edifice is based on treating people when they are ill, rather than helping them maintain vibrant good health (and in fact the healthcare system, should be called the illness system, because that is what it deals in!).

So I think that there's a certain amount of wilful blindness within institutions based on their need to survive.

It happens on an individual level. Deep down individuals KNOW that what they're doing to treat the symptoms(no matter what area) isn't helping, but there is a great deal of fear in really getting to the cause because they're likely to start beating themselves up, which of course, isn't very productive.

Great food for thought, though


It seems that while you are in the midst of a dilema, be it in government, education, health or for that matter any other part of your life, myopia reigns supreme and you can't seem to get a larger perspective on the problem/s. When you consider reverse engineering, it is what most effective leaders know intuitively and practice readily. Thanks for the reminder about keeping an eye on how I got here in the first place. I'm currently overwhelmed by the effects at present and it is quite reassuring to consider the causes and how I might be able to jump off the merry-go-round to start examining the causes. Cheers.

Tokunbo Tonade

No doubt the best book i ever previewed. Too bad we dont own credit cards in Lagos Nigeria. I intend to buy your book one way or another. Keep up the good work.


hi, fred
all my life people said that I should work hard to get what I wanted, so I did it. But the frustrations of not getting anywhere with hard work is starting to annoy me. So your inside out lazy way sounds too good to be true. How do we start all the process? I mean, you are telling me I have to reprogram myself, but that would take a lot of work, you know...


Folks n myself n a health crisis work npain no disability

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true! to find the best solution it is best to find the cause of the problem then analyze things and voila you'll probably come with the best solution.

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