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Have you read God's Debris, by Scott Adams?


I have read God's Debris. What did you think of it.


I'm sorry but unless I'm missing something this article didnt really reveal the secret to making money.

"We begin to appreciate subtler values of that which we love and because subtle is more powerful, we begin to see ways to harness that subtle. The result is we do less and accomplish more. And if we accomplish more, we make more money."

How does this explain how to make more money? It seems that if whats being said is a bit too complex to understand then it must really reveal how to make more money. I'm not buying it.

Avi Solomon

AJ let me give you an example from my life of what I understand Fred to mean:
- I work as a Gardener
- by loving what I do I become enamoured with making herb gardens
- I learn all I can about herb gardens and am able to make a herb garden that looks just as good as an ornamental garden and is fragrant/edible/low-maintainance/low-water usage in the bargain.
- I market this advantage to my clients
- People pay me more than a regular gardener to make herb gardens for them!
The subtler laws/knowledge are more powerful
but hidden and you need the power of love to be persistent & sensitive enough to unveil them.


Fine Avi, but is that really the secret to making LOTS of money or just the secret to perfecting something without really realizing your working on it because its something you love doing.

Archana Bahuguna

Great thoughts. Pretty much agree with the fact that aligning oneself to nature gives us tremendous benefits, far more than we can imagine. It is like tapping the resources of the most powerful being available and is not only logical but most prudent.

I do not understand well though how this is specific about making money. Although I can agree if what you mean is that money is a by product.


Hi Fred,

one question: don't you think that sometimes doing an unpleasant work may still serve you something good? Because it may teaches you something?

I'm in that situation right now. I started a business but didn't get it very far. Now I'm working freelance. I'm sitting on a project where I'm mostly counting the hours. However, I feel I'm also learning very much, especially about myself. Because in the past I rarely finished work I started. Finishing a task even though I don't like is a great feeling and very good for my self-esteem.

Not only do I earn enough money to fund a second business, I also now know that I really want to be my own boss. And I know myself much better.

If I had only accepted work I completly love, I think I would have missed some great learning experience.

So my question: don't you think that sometimes having an unpleasant/bad experience can still be good for you?


I know you asked this question to Fred but since it was sort of an open question I would like to respond.

The best selling books in the industry: Think and Grow Rich, Magic of Thinking Big and even blogs such as Steve Pavlina's will tell you that having an unpleasant exprience is common and unavoidable to the path to success. So the question you asked, "Is it good for you?" Well in many ways yes. How else is one going to learn without making mistakes and having bad experiences. Furthermore, if you never have negative experience then you arent taking enough risks and/or confronting enough challenges to truly become successful. As written in many places: Failure is the first step to success.

Now I think that judging on Fred's history if i t wasnt for bad experiences he would never had started his telecom business. And I also think that if Fred would be honest with us he will tell us that he had plenty of bad experiences on his path to success.

I know you didnt ask me but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would be more than happy with this answer.


Thanks AJ,

that's what I think too. I'm just wondering how this fits into Fred's philosophy. Can there be any progress without bad experiences/problems? There's no pleasure without pain. The question is: is avoiding pain at all cost really a good way? Or am I missinterpreting the lazy way here?


"Am I missinterpreting the lazy way here?"

No. I dont think thats it. I just think that Fred isnt letting us know how much work he actually spent starting his business.

It may also be that Fred like Michael Dell happens to be quite talented and success comes to him naturally. So for him and Dell they wont consider what they do as work. As for the rest of us who arent as talented we have to really work hard to be successful.


"As for the rest of us who arent as talented we have to really work hard to be successful."

That's not what I meant. I'm not talking about whether or not you have to do hard work to be successful.

My question is: even though you know you're not doing what you love all the time, this experience can still teach you something? I'm sitting on a project that goes 6 months. It's sometimes stressful, sometimes boring, sometimes exciting. Overall I can say that this kind of work is not what I want to do, *however* I still don't want to miss it, because I feel much stronger now and I know much better what I want and who I am. And I believe, sometimes you have to go through bad times in order to learn and to grow. So avoiding unpleasant work at all cost may not always be a smart way, does it?


I noticed similarities between it and this entry, so that's why I asked. I thought it was good. It's made me think more about what I'm doing to help everyone else. Sometimes I have a hard time fighting against wasting my time being unproductive when I could be cultivating my talents. Who knows when they could be of use?


What Fred wants to say is don't jump, walk! That is the process i still need to learn. I always tried to put some business that i thought that would be cool and failed miserably putting debts on me and my parents who support me for too long (i'm in mid 20's) still hoping that i will sucseed with my business. As i understand Fred: don't follow get rich quick fads (Ad-(non)Sense, affiliate, ghost-writer junk eBooks etc.) but look inside your self and look what people do and will need and no-one else is currently in that niche(well allmost).

Also question for Fred: how did you get the idea of getting in telecom business if you didn't have any money and equipment (can you explain more precisely what you sold, it seems to me that your business was something like Futures-market for telecom), how do you brainstorm? Pls. make it a blog-post :))

Seamus Anthony

The simple truth in Fred's words: Do what you love, that which is in alignment with your talents and true purpose, and you will be doing things that you enjoy - i.e. playing, which is inherently "lazy" as opposed to feeling like hard work.

Then, as a by-product of your passion for the work itself, you will produce results that will be so appreciated that you will eventually be well remunerated.

Sexton Lovecraft

Seems to me this has echoes of the "Start out to make meaning, not money" mantra. Make meaning, and the money will come (so long as you are in tune with Nature ...)
As for luck - luck is merely being prepared for an opportunity.


AJ, everyone has their unique talents and abilities. You don't have any less talent than Michael Dell or anyone else. I whole-heartedly believe that everyone can have a valuable function in society. It's just a matter of finding it and nurturing it. It will be something you love, it won't be easy, but it also won't seem like work. It's not likely to be a passive activity either.


Ryan I agree with you but 1. thats not the secret to making LOTS of money and 2. One still needs to work regardless if its fun. Its just semantics. Fred calls it playing but its still work. Work can be fun.

I dont have issue with the info in the piece just the misleading title.



You got me thinking as I re-read your comment. When you said that I dont have any less talent than Dell I thought to myself "yeah right, my talent for business sucks" but then it dawned on me that I dont have the same talent as Dell has in business just as he doesnt have the same talent as Itzchak Perlman has at playing the violin. So in the end I guess I do have talent but I'm not sure yet in what. This is one of the quests I am currently working on.


I've done a lot of reading about this kind of thing this year - both personal development and making money. I can honestly say that I've discovered lots of things but I think what Fred outlines above is just the first couple of steps. Ellco also brings u pa infe point about 'nature' in that she will also teach you if you know how to listen. Follwing all this, it is also necessary to adopt new habits to replace the old ones which were getting you into trouble in the first place.


I read your blog. Believe me you have corrected flaws in my life strategy.

Actually I m a lazy successful person. But somehow lately,things were'nt going right for me.
I thought about the problems in my way of doing things, but couldn't find any.
But your blog made me realize my way of doing things.
"Never believed in hard work"
Always got what I wanted without putting too much of effort.
Seriously I believe that the best of doing things is by using head ,putting more creativity and intuition.

ngum felix

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Luck, based on the support of nature, is the principal of "seed-time harvest", "seed-time harvest...." which continues on into infinity.

James B. Lawrence

Your steps explain how to live life..and needs taught from a person's first steps to the last breath. Thank You! It is so well put.


I think some here mistakingly think that immersing yourself with something you love to do is the same thing as finding something you can do that will make you successful in other peoples' eyes. Marketers always think along the lines of "how can I make a product that will sell?", when a more effective approach would be to think "is there any way that _I_ can make this product better?" and letting nature take care of the results. Certainly doing something YOU love to do WILL make you successful in said adventure, but it may not make you money. As painful as it is to admit this, not all success needs to be measured in weight of gold. That's the problem I think many have. If it doesn't make them richer, it's not worth loving. How sad.


I've learned that if I concentrate fully on whatever it is I'm doing, I get better results from it than I would expect to get from it if I wasn't concentrating fully on it. This makes it easier for me to attract money.

Another way to attract money without really doing much more than normal is to become more aware of your surroundings and your environment. If you're walking down the street, daydreaming about how your future's going to be a lot better than your current situation, then it's not likely you're going to see any loose change on the footpath if there's any there to be found.


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 Attorney Smith

Nice post. But is it really the secret to making "a lot of money" or just the secret to truly achieve something without realizing its work on it. The simple truth in this content is that "Do what you love. What is in accordance with their talents and the real goal. You do what you love - or play, which is inherently" lazy ", as opposed to feel like hard work." you will produce results that will be so appreciated that you will ultimately be well compensated.


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During a recession its much more difficult to cash in on million dollar ideas than it is when the economy is booming.

I can't wait for this never-ending recession to be over and for things to be back to normal again!


nice articles oooops :-) sorry I mean great title!!! Guru's ,BIG lol :-)


I think I am now "dumber" for having read all this. I don't think there was one coherent thought in all this rambling. I came here with an open mind, and left scratching my head and realized that anyone can make a "website" now days... and that is obviously a double edged sword.


Great points in the artical.
one thing.
Y do you replace the weierd word nature as oppose to God?
thats odd

Glen Jon

This is a well written piece. I'd like to ad, if you didn't already mention this: The words wild, lazy, easy etc. are "conceptual," as everything in a culture. What's easy to you may be difficult to others and vice versa. Was it Napoleon Hill that said, "learn to control yourself and you will learn to control your environment?"


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jerry fortner

For a believer in Christ and his Word, to be successful, go to Mark 11:24 and you can find what you need to be successful. "Whatsoever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it and you will have it." The secret is believing. But you will find believing is harder than you may think. But his Word does no lie. Just believe.


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I'm sure it was covered already in the comments, but I have an unusual question. What if, as in my case, there isn't anything I LOVE doing?

No, seriously, there just isn't anything at all that I love to do. I play sports, and am good at a few, but I don't "love" them. I enjoy hunting rocks with my wife, but I don't 'love' it. I do a garden every year because I find it totally cool to be able to take a seed, and grow something edible. (disclaimer; I do not eat vegetables, they make me ill in various ways, but I still enjoy making them grow. I give these 'fruits of my labor' away). But, again, I don't 'love' it. It's something cool to watch, that's all. I enjoy reading, I even write sometimes, I'm very good with spreadsheets, data mining, devising complex formulas and algorithms to accomplish tasks, I even like it a little bit. But not enough to make it my life's work. My one and only hobby that I will drop everything else to do, is play golf. My handicap is in the top 2% of amateurs, and I win a few amateur tournaments, but I'm a long way from teeing it up with the pros.

So the successful people will tell you "Do what you love" and the money will come. Others will say "don't chase the money, let it chase you", etc. Essentially you are saying these same things. If I ask these people the same question I asked you, they all say the same thing "find something you love, then go do it". Well, I'm past 50 now, and have yet to find anything I actually "love". I'm not alone, my wife and I have talked, she is in the same position, there is nothing she 'loves' to do. Nothing.

And we're not alone. I've talked to friends, some with money, some without. They all say the same thing, there just isn't anything they "love" enough to do it for a living. We'd all get bored in 2-3 years, and not only that, we'd have taken something we used to like a little bit, and turned it into something we hate to do.

So how would your advice help someone like me?

PS. I actually used my real email address in case you actually decided to respond.

Abhijit Khulage

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Isnt it crazy to think that all of these deep thoughts and revelations are so insignificant and easily overlooked / forgotten in this world? Isnt it crazy that someone could know the formula to being 100% happy and comfortable in life, but at the same time know nothing at all?

lynna lora

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I believe in making my way to have that luck, not just waiting for it to come my way.

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I think I agree with Avi Solomon. when you do something you with love, passion and patient, even tough you dont succeed at the beginning, keep failing (doesn't promise money, outcome not too satisfying) but since you love what you're doing, you will naturally keep trying and believe it or not mother nature will show you the way out.All events that crossing our path one partly or fully connected to that we love to do and if we "listen" good, they give you new insights that direct us to the solution that's how the nature do. This is based on my own experience, so instead of focusing on money, I focus on what I love to do and thank God, natures show me the way or suddenly prospects come to my way out of nowhere that I never think about.and ales gud.


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Carl Stone

I believe he has pointed out the secret
to generating wealth here, and I have found
this information very insightful.

Although unless you have met with the full
wrath of mother nature for focusing primarily
on money or financial gain in your life you
probably won't grasp the message here.

It's like Copper Dowsing Rods.
In the wrong hands they can be a simple
child's toy worth nothing more than the
Copper they ae made out of.

But in the right hands they can be a
valuable tool for locating liquids such
as water, or oil. And both ferris and
non-ferris metals and minerals, such
as raw Gold.

Do what you are naturally talented at and
enjoy, and try to make it into a profession.
If you can do this successfully you will
never work another day in your life and
wealth will enevitably follow because you
will naturally be more successful doing
something that you enjoy as opposed to
doing something that you do not, which
will eventually wind up as a dead end job.

Like I said, very insightful.


samuel Canady

some of that is luck but a lot knowledge is really loving the work but not calling it work just love of It.


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I also found these suggestion very useful and nothing new. you can even co-relate these concepts with others very easily as...
"The power now" also talks about enjoy the present in full mood but it can only possible when you do things effortlessly and have fun in your work. "The 4 hour work week" also explained in its very first chapter that any task you planed to accomplish must be qualified with some condition like ... whether you really like that or not and it should be loved by you. Similarly the book "The secret" also put one condition that one should have real desire to find their aims, here real desire means a deep love associated with not only with aims but also with process. Your desire pull you effortlessly toward that. Here it seems to other person that he had done really hard work but from that person point of view it is effortless. You enjoy the pain in your process as well.
The Book " The monk who sold his Ferrari" also talks about removal of unnecessary burden of hard work and to recognize the work that suit with nature. Another book I go through was "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", he mainly focused on one thing that "Keep working on love". If you love what you are doing that you can set your target, priorities them as well and even very Lazily can achieve them because that will not fell by as headache. You can compare it theory of relativity of Einstein as well, As from other person point of view it is hard work but From our perception, it is effortless. This is only possible when you really love your work.
Sachin Tendulkar the God of Cricket, accepted that he thrilled by making Shots in cricket. This is his love.
I can understand the basic core of all these at more subtle level. The basic of all self help book are same at core level they are not different altogether. But here on this site I find it in more exact and simplified manner.
Best of luck to everybody.


tell me the real secret betwen it



Mr Bills

This is a good article, bordering great. It explains why going after money is 'fruitless". Take it from me and my 10 years of experience. Forget about trying to earn money, focus on doing what you love and hopefully money will follow. Chasing money doesn't work. I am living proof.

Ryan T

Money isn't everything in life. Life is short. On judgement day, wealth is worth nothing. Find something you enjoy doing. Be a competent, honest-working person and the money will come to you. If you do what's right then you will never be broke Its that simple. There is no "EASY" way.. You either work hard and make good money or do nothing but be lazy and get nowhere. That is literally it. There is no secret people...


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When we focus on money, no matter how much we think we need it or want it, it is an empty focus.We must specify the amount and start focusing on how we can achieve it. Set goal and make plan and take actions. Thanks for sharing the post by the way. Great content.

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