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Do you think current culture is less risk prone and more about following the path of conformity? I can't even imagine that many people hitch hiking anymore. When/why did that change happen?


Early on, I would have just stayed put. Hitching was such a potential "danger". Good heavens, the thought of staying put is scarier now than anything life could through at me.

Have a great day, Molly


Indeed the days of yesteryear. I grew up reading about people hitchiking through Europe. By the time I was old enough to do it, it was a big no no, of course.

But you have a very interesting point. You can look at setback with two types of glasses. Either good (lesson) or bad (setback). I suspect, either way one looks at them, one is correct.


vijima venkat

I sometimes wonder whether all of us are programmed only to succeed because I understand that my failures are also the results of my choices. so am I not all the time successful whether the outcome is "success" or "failure"?


Fred, this is a bit off-topic, but I'd like to know: What's your take on Motivation? How do you Motivate yourself? I'm a creative, healthy person but I'm starting to find it harder and harder each day to motivate myself to DO stuff.

Thx, T


I really enjoyed reading this, makes me crave for a bit more adventure in my life.
Dang I wish I knew how to tell stories like this.

Andre in LA

Again, I see this as an expansion of the "responsibility horizon."

"I am responsible for generating my experience."

Even when other people's will is involved, even when operating with insufficient information (in the unknown), even when I have no control.

This could be seen as mindf**king or as a powerful way to lead one's life, depending on your viewpoint.

In my case, it is how I choose to live -- a choice which results in feeling the vibrance of each moment, being tuned in to my truth, getting more joy and pleasure from the littlest things.

- Andre


This is a great post about keeping a positive attitude towards life despite all the problems. It really is all about how we choose to respond.


This Guy is a genius!
Same league up there with Brian Tracy and the other gurus.

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I always treat obstacles as a a challenge and something new to learn from. I think by thinking of it this way, a lot of people will be able to benefit from such obstacles.

- Jack Leak

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