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steve in sunny florida


I couldn't agree with you more! As a former newspaper guy, I have written about the disatrous effects of chemicals and pesticides on the enivornment. Can you imgaine what that crap does to our insides?

While sometimes I still get sticker shock, I buy organic and make sure my child eats organic fruits and veggies. But you're right, by buying organic, we support farmers and socially conscious business people and will help to eventually lower the prices.

While I've only read excerpts, it appears Jane Goodall (the Chimp Lady) has written a good book about organic farming called "Harvest of Hope." Anybody read it?

Steve in Sunny FLorida

Avi Solomon

Ask her:)

Alexander Kjerulf

How about organic logging?

I talked to the CEO of Aarstiderne, a danish company that sells organic vegetables and groceries online and are also involved in logging.

She explained to me that there are basically two approaches to logging:

1: The square approach
Divide your forest into equal-sized square areas. Every year, fell all the trees in one square and plant new trees. Next year, proceed to the nect square. By the time you get to the last square, the trees in the first square should be ready.

2: The hammock approach (yes, they called it that)
Stay in your hammock and let the forest grow as it will. Once in a while take a stroll through it and if a tree is ready, fell it and take it away. DO NOT plant a new tree.

The hammock approach has several advantages:
1: No pesticides or fertilizers
2: When you fell a tree in a natural forest you get a patch of sunlight coming through. This stimulates all the seeds in that area to grow. Which treee "wins" and fills the new niche? The tree that grows fast and straight. What kind of tree are you the most interested in? Ones that grow fast and straight.

This is an excellent example of the lazy approach being more efficient, more sustainable as well as more ethically and esthetically pleasing.

In essence, you're working with nature, not against it.

Koorosh Vahabi

I actually believe there ae always solutions to any problems, regardless of what the pessimists say.

And as for our bodies being turn into toxic nightmare, i couldnt agree more.

But as i said...there are many solutions.

Back home, we have herbal medicine which cleanses the system very easily.

But here is something I came across from a well known and respected site.


I dont get anything by sharing this link with you.


steve in sunny florida

I just finished an excellent book on the topic, "Organic, Inc." Though the author approaches the subject from a business angle, he covers the dangers of non-organic food/farming on health and the environment. He also goes into detail about organic milk, bagged lettuce, cereal, etc. Very detailed.

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