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Your article was interesting. Do you have an opinion on the print on demand companies such as iUniverse?

Avi Solomon

Any plans for an Hebrew edition? The workaholic Israelis are ripe for your book's message:)


Splendid book Fred.

I bought it in January. I gobbled it up in one sitting, effortlessly.

This anonymity emboldens me to confess that reading your hand - penned inscription, I cried a little because I received it as heartfelt and expressly for me. Then I thought how sad.

Partly because of your book, I go easier on myself, beat meyself up less in my head. My mind is much more alert of the choices available to me all the time. I'm not afraid of wanting things.

Thank you for making my life nicer and other peoples' lives too. Anyhow truth has an unmistakable familiarity.


I was thinking about writing a children's book but never really thought too much about the downside of submitting it to publishers. Maybe self- publishing is the way to go after all. Thanks for the inside info!


There IS another major book store chain:
Third largest chain in the country. If you've never been in one, you've missed a treat.

Mary Lou

I recently published a small book for preschoolers. I used AuthorHouse.com. It was more expensive than I had wanted but I'm very pleased with the product. Publishing is the easy part. Now I have to market it! I did a small mailing (with Authorhouse provided post cards). I'll be attending BookExpo America in DC in May. Was It worth it? Probably too early to tell. BUT I loved seeing my name on the cover of a book. Better than seeing it on an article.


Thank you so much for sharing all this info! We do a lot of self publishing consults and this entry reflects pretty much everything we've found along the way, too. The permalink to this entry will be great to share with folks!!! Miracles to you!! k-


Thanks for sharing this inspiring experience. I published with POD. But one thing I still can't figure out is, how does author know how many copies of his book are really printed?


Your article is very informative and inspiring to those who are considering the self-publishing route

S. Patterson

I enjoyed reading your material. It gave me the incentive to never give up on your dreams... especially when the lights in the tunnel disappear. I've learned there are so many well-known author's whose first book was self published.

I'm in the process of working with a print on demand company and I'm having the best time of my life! I don't feel alone and everyone seems so helpful in seeing the product come to life! No matter how this turns out, I have faith in my book and I'm having fun!


I have just finished with my first novel and am thinking about authorhouse.com, any comments about this self publishing company??



If you have the financial ability, which is best. POD or true self publishing?

Dr. Radhaber D. Khati

I have written two books already. Now I am seeking a good publisher to publish my third book, or publish me first boo that has already been out of market.

I am a professor of education and my first book is about Education and Politics, and my new book would be "No Education, Just Politics."

Dr. Radhaber D. Khati

- I want to have information about traditional publishing and the distribution of the self published books.

Bishop Dr.P.O.Ikeme


I Have worked for many year, and gave my books to lulu.com, and the first was the lightning source, but did not get any thing. I still have books, which could win even Nobel price, but the illiterates who work in those print on demand companies have no regard on people and only mess the works of people and use them for play. They have no regard even for mankind.


Dr. P.O. Ikeme

Bishop Dr.P.O.Ikeme

Therefore what shall I do? About five books of mine are publishing only that the companies the print on demand lulu who published it has no regard towards them. If they sell the money and refuse to give any revenue to me I do not know and such a thing have I also once told them which they said, never.

I need a distributor who can distribute my books to the whole Sellers and book shops.

thanks. same Dr. P.O.IKEME

Mrs. darnell

I published my first book by a Self publishing company. Now I have two children books I need to publish but I wish I could talk to a good Traditional publishing company to see how they work, so if you know one please tell them to write me. at 5625 Nicole Lane,Beaumont Tx 77713 Thank you


Self-publishing and traditional publishing both have its pros and cons. You just need to weigh your options more carefully and see which one better suits your publishing goals.


I agree with booklover self publishing and traditional publishing has its pros and cons it all depend of the author where he/she will be comfortable.

abang achuo

have got an Egyptian based stale and blended with the ancient Greek story of Armaggadon.Looking for a traditional publisher

Juilliana Crook

Hi there fred, it was great reading your article and getting an insight into the publishing world. I'm a new publisher and at the moment after a bit of research settled with AuthorHouse. To date they have allowed me a lot of scope to deal one-to-one with the dept involved. I am waiting for a traditional publisher to get back to me as well. I hope I have done the right thing ... it may not be Harry Potter, and I aint the new JK Rowling, but I am scottish, Juillian Crook, so look out for me .... hopefully! Thank you for your article.

Paris Jean

Has anyone heard of a self publishing company called Xlibis?


Hey, I just read your article. I recently returned to the states from backpacking around Europe. I took copious notes and doodles during the trip, which resulted in a detailed account of my adventure. I went alone, and a 20 year old girl going to 26 countries in 101 days, without ever staying in a hostel, seems to make quite an interesting memoir. I want to get it published, but I'm not certain which is the best way to go about doing it. If you have any advice, please enlighten me. Thanks!

Jack's Customized Fat Loss

during the first time it is good to self-published for you get to learn how things happen in there, so the next time you can have more options

- Jack Leak


I agree with your mistakes, but when you try to strive for everything I'm sure it would be better.

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