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I cannot make it at the time scheduled.
Is the seminar going to be available as an mp3 after the event?

Juho Tunkelo

Answer to previous comment:

Yes, we are planning to record the call and make it available later as a download.

However, it is always possible that the recording doesn't come through so it's not 100% guaranteed.


Thanks, looking forward to it.
Good luck with the recording. :)

invoice factoring

Darn it I missed it. Was the seminar recorded by any chance?... I sure hope so.

All the best

Fred Gratzon

Yes, I think it was. Here are the two guys who would know how to get it -- Eero and and Juho Tunkelo ([email protected])and ([email protected]). Feel free to drive them nuts.

Koorosh Vahabi

I love your articles...but you dont write them often enough.

Anyways...I understand that you are retired....so what would a typical day for you consist of ...besides swimming and TM.

Let the readers know.....I am sure they would like to know how you stay relaxed and stress free....while getting done the things you love most



I listened to the recoding and loved it!

What I found most impressive, Fred, is that you said you didn't even like the telecom business while you where building your second company, but you love to build teams and that's what made it a success.

So it seems that you are in a good position because you can apply your passion on almost any business.

I'm trying to build a software company, but my problem is that I only get passionate about some parts of it. I don't feel this excitement that you described in the recording all the time. A lot of things I don't like so I'm forced to work :( What should I do? I probably should find a business where I can do the parts I love all the time, but I have no idea what this could be.

Thanks a lot for your writing and speaking!

All the best

Jack's Customized Fat Loss

that's an interesting topic, but i believe this is not for lazy people. it may involve not working but it doesn't necessarily mean that they won't do anything

- Jack Leak

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