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This sounds like it should be a chapter from Running Money. Awesome stuff.

Invoice Factoring

As someone who is in the commercial finance industry... I cringed when I read what you put your poor banker through :-)


I love the way you tell your stories! They sound engaging and personal at the same time.

Birdy Haddock

I am a partially disabled housewife. with a ninth grade education.I am unemployable. Who cares! I don't want to work! I get you! I sooo get you! I will be my own boss one day and make lots of money! the sucsessfully lazy way!

Nancy Oliver

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Nairobian Perspective

Quite an interesting narrative you have here,well told!


That's quite a story! I enjoyed reading it.

Jack's Customized Fat Loss

the world best banker could be anyone who is responsible enough to handle money and knows how to make it multiply by running a business

- Jack Leak

Edward E Glover

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