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Sure, the brain will amplify whatever it pays attention to - whether good or bad. I recently did an experiment and spent a whole day just trying to focus on the good paying little attention to the bad (not in a Pollyanna way, of course). By that way - it was a tough experiment. I have a whole new level of respect for people that try and stay focused on the good.

Results: I had a great day. Mysteriously, a number of external things lined up nicely that day.

Alexander Kjerulf

The power of attention is vastly underrated in business (and in life) today. Often you don't have to DO anything to solve a problem all you need to do is focus your attention wisely. This is of course the basis of Appreciative Inquiry, one of the most powerful tools for positive change (http://appreciativeinquiry.case.edu/).

Timothy Gallweys excellent book The Inner Game of Work is also all about learning by focusing your attention.

In one story, Gallwey coaches a tuba player in a symphony orchestra. Now, Gallwey has never played the tuba, but simply by asking 4 or 5 well-placed questions, he directs the tuba players attention in a way that gives the man such a breakthrough in his playing, that the entire orchestra gives him a standing ovation.

Larry Megugorac

Freddy Boy,

I heard fear explaned this way. God never intended Fear to even exist. We mere mortals invented it. Fear is just an acronym for False Expectations About Risk!!

When ever doubt creeps in to your thoughts feel the higher frequency of Gratitude and it will melt away!!



Well, Fred, you do certainly present some compelling reasons to self publish... Sometimes I wish I'd gone that route myself... Too late now, though. It has definitely been a very, very long haul, with some heart aches along the way, challenges galore, a few obstacles, etc., etc. -- but finally, my book is being published by a mainstream publisher -- but not til January. Would I do that again? Still thinking!!! Put it this way, my book would have been published quite a while ago if I'd taken matters into my own hand. On the other hand, I'm hopeful that taking this arduous path of traditional publishers will allow my book to have more visibility. But, darn, if I know what I know now, I might have done things differently.

Clearly, I need to buy your book and learn how to work differently and less and achieve more! Love your concept!

All the best. (Heard about you from someone in my Blog to Bestseller course.)


Jack's Customized Fat Loss

paying attention wil make you be aware of a lot of things and you get to learn a lot from it

- Jack Leak

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