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Phil Gerbyshak

Wow, this is quite a lesson to us all. Thank you for sharing it!

Jane Chin

we can all use a doug on our team.

saleh nasir

A great intro to the cutthroat world of IB! Somehow I think it takes all that is bad in the corporate world (greed, disloyalty, backstabbing, slick marketing etc), without taking the good. I usually refer to them as glorified car salesmen, but that's another story.

good post. what IPO was this btw?


My company was Telegroup (Nasdaq symbol: TGRP). It was sold to Primus (PRTL) in 1999.

Eric Shefferman

I don't think I get the lesson of this post.

In a previous post, you wrote:
"So basically I do unto others as I would have them do unto me."

Which sounds like very common, reasonable advice.

So when Doug advises:
“From now on,” he counseled, “every time you look at Julia Barton, I want you to see her with a patch over her eye, a peg leg, and a parrot on her shoulder.”

Is that meant to be a lesson of

a) be careful of surface appearances


b) when you treated her like a pirate (or at least someone with peculiar fashion sense) you in return received "true to Doug’s characterization" results back from her.

Or both? Or neither?

By the way -- thank you for this blog in general. It makes me think a lot. Which I think is why I got stuck thinking about this particular post and why the situation turned out as it did.

Ed pc repair

sounds like you had your feelings toward Julia get in the way of making your decision. someone suggested her and you (emotionally) agreed, without weighing it logically.
good thing someone talk you out of it :-)
beautiful women, always use their looks, status, and whatever else they can against men, especially on higher levels like that. mature way of dealing with this is NEVER ever let woman's appearance let move, affect or influence you in any way.
that is the underlying lesson here.
cut throat thing is inevitable. its what happens everywhere where money is involved. you have to be smart, prepared and expect that. people will do anything for money. there are no rules in negotiations. even lying is permitted. good book on that is trump style negotiation by george ross. he tells it how it is.


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