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way to go...



Sounds rational to me.


Beautiful insight into human beings.


I am commander in chief of this army.


I was born way too late.

saleh nasir

bravo! there is yet hope for me!

sadly, corporate america wants the bunch that are both mentally dull and physically energetic ;)


Bravo, you are clearly a genious, and leave a ray of hope to all of us struggling to be "lazy", yet monetarily sound at the same time. -Elaine: www.thetrumptowers.com



Nice story. This strikes me as similar to House (of the TV show House) and they way he works.



he missed out a military type surely...the mentally dull but destrutive pervert with a fixation on anhilation...?

Josh Reiter

I think I fit into the 5th category: Just plain bonkers and physically sexy.

knight gold

I think I fit into the 5th category: Just plain bonkers and physically sexy.

Jack's Customized Fat Loss

i can qualify myself on the 3rd, i don't know but i can also be the 4th one

- Jack Leak

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