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Well i need to know what to eat and how to become a good athlete? HURRY!!


Are you trying to tell everyone that you can still win if your lazy? That is dumb because without all the hard work I do in swimming I would not be where I am today.

Fred Gratzon

After reading your comment, I concluded that when you last climbed out of the pool you forgot to take your sense of humor with you. Go back and see if you can fish it out of the pool before it drowns.

As for me, I don't believe in hard work; I only believe in play, having fun, and doing what I love to do. If you aren't having fun as a swimmer, then I think that is a terrible shame. My definition of work is "if you'd rather be doing something else, then you are working." If you find swimming to be hard work, then I feel sorry for you. The top swimmers in the world LOVE to swim and can't imagine doing anything else.


Great Story! The man obviously loves swimming, he built a pool in his house. Even at a recreational level you have certain levels of expectation. You just assume that over time you will reach a certain level.

As an Olympian myself, i'm not to satisfied with athletes who replied to this in a negative manner. i'm a big advocate of sports at any level and always challenging yourself to do better, no matter your age or ability.




I wanna be an Olympian. I actually want to compete in the summer olympics triathlon. I also only learned how to swim 8 months ago, did my first triathlon 8 months ago, and am training for my first Olympic distance which is this June. I do work hard with training. I am a CPA so this time of year is busy for me (Jan to April), so after spending 10-12 hrs at work, I go to my local YMCA to swim from 9:30-10pm (till they close and pull me out of the pool!). Other days, I would take a break at 5pm an go for a 5 mile run, then go back to work.

IT is hard work, I dont think there is a lazy way of doing it..

Does anybody know anyone at the Philippine Olympic Committee? I would like to represent my country in the triathlon event, and if chosen, I will work hard the next 4 months to make it to Beijing. If not this year, then I will wait 4 years and work hard till then...

Thanks for reading!


look if you think that your good enough to be an olympic athlete thinka again. So your time was about 1:30. well I'm only 10, this is my second year of swimming and my 100 fr is 55.60 seconds. Did you even watch the other events! FYI his time and your time both suck drastically. Practically one and a half minutes to simply go up and back! If I'm not good enough now to be an Olympic swimmer at my second year with that time than you will never be. So dont go around saying that your all that, cause your not.


Get a sense of humor, dude. You may be fast in the water but you are painfully slow on the uptake. In any case, good luck with your athletic endeavors.

roger pete

When you love what you are doing it takes a lot of negativity out of your system, in fact if we have more people loving their work there would be far less stress to go around. The need to achieve something is a state which resides permanently if you are not happy in the present. The only way to be happy in the present is to indulge in what you love. While working if you'd rather be doing something else then you are into hardwork and are working against your natural flow. There will come a time when work will not be what it is today, it will just be an expression of what we love doing rather than what we need to do. Like your sense of lightness Fred, the way you reply to negative comments speaks a lot for your state of mind which is always in the state of abundance.


I dont think people with times like that deserve to be in the olympics im a 15 year old girl and if i was there swimmimg against him at the olympics my time would have beat him by a lanslide. Swimming is hard work and then all the hard work payoff eventually. I enjoy swimming so much and work hard to make qualifying times. My time for the 100m free is 1:01 and that is pretty fast for a girl my age i dont think there is a lazy way of becoming an olympian. When i was little even if i was slow i still worked hard till i got faster.

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It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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