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It's just another unrealistic "reality" TV show; of course there are times when the failings of a team member need to be addressed and discussed with his or her leader. I agree the show isn't in any way helpful, in the event that a team member needs to be told they aren't pulling their weight, or worse let go because they just aren't a good fit; how then would you personally approach such a task?


... and yet in a real company the 'leaders' have to fight with each other for the budget, bonuses for their team, additional headcount etc. The 'leaders' that are rewarded are the ones who appear to be doing things, not the ones that actually get stuff done as they often don't have the time to play politics.

Maybe "The Apprentice" is more reality than you care to admit (although I agree it's horrid entertainment).

Matthew Cornell

Thanks for the post - it comes at a good time for me. I'm starting a new career (your book is under the Xmas tree - I can't wait to get started on it!), and I've been networking with people in related fields. Responses from most have been positive, even though there's possible competition. However, a number have also been very emotionally against talking with me. There's an undercurrent of fear and scarcity - win-loose instead of win-win.

I'd love to hear suggestions for a) staying optimistic and determined to continue networking, and b) for talking with people who are so negative. Thanks!


I agree. Trump is sending the wrong message.
He should emphasize team work, but again, team work has not been one of the significant factors in his success.


The apprentice does not portray the real world. At least, I sure hope so. It is just entertainment that usually thrives at showing people at their worst.

Sure, there are some nasty things that happen in the work place every day, but not with the frequency seen in the apprentice.

Also, if I may, I'd like to emphasize some of the good things that are also seen (sporadically!) in the apprentice every so often. Team work, Loyalty, Success, Friendship.


Hi there, It is not so much the content of the program that bothers, it is more the reality that millions of people are watching these shows which demonstrate the pathetic ways in which certain individuals will do anything to win. What it is doing is desensitizing the population so that this kind of behavior is acceptable on a subconciuos level.. We have all had runins with these "halfwits" and it is terrible to see our youth being exposed to it in most reality shows. Nothing positive can come from these shows and as a result I dont watch teli now. I am much happier for it too.


I am most impressed by the manner in which there is "sudden death". No real opportunity for feedback, no opportunity to see who responds to it and learns from it, just "sink or swim". The type of tyrant like Trump, a dinosaur who started out rich, who thinks mean is good business, is exactly the problem. Not the solution. How is Trump doing compared to google, whose theme is "don't be evil"?

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