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Hmh, maybe that's what I have done wrong so far. I probably put too much pressure on my first steps. It always has to be that big one idea that hits a homerun.

I know this better, but still... probably have to have more trust in myself and more patience.

I also think it's difficult to letting go. The idea that I just pursue my interests a little and let nature/universe/god/whatever judge my steps and tell me what I should do next is not easy.

Yeahh, trust is probably the key.

Good to hear that you too had more than one idea. When reading about successful people, it often sounds like they had just one inspiration, followed it and then they were successful, where I never had this clear vision and I guess most people neither.

I'm going to try pursuing my interest and waiting for it to show its potential, going to try it hard ... aahhm, I mean *lazy* of course, very lazy :)

Thanks Fred, another great post from you that got me thinking.


Just an idea: I think it could be great to discuss the lazy way with others who also try to follow it.

If someone knows a good place for this, please let me know. Or if someone is interested in chatting about this drop me a line :)


Great Post Fred. I am currently juggling a couple of things myself and often wonder if I'm doing too much. You are right though, I have a feeling nature will sort it out on its own.

Peter Gibbons

Ben, Drop me a line. I'm always interested in "follow your dreams" kind of talk. I decided a few months ago to just trust in myself and follow my interests wherever they take me - without thought of financial rewards. I talk about it on my web-site. I have met a lot of great people and it has definitely improved the quality of my life. But I have yet to turn it into something financially rewarding - and I may never decide to do that. I am enjoying the ride, though.


Great article! I have not had quite the same success but thoroughly enjoy the passion and uncertainty of forging ahead with a new project. I look forward to reading more.


thanks Fred, this helps

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