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Interesting. It is now almost 4 pm where I am and I am tired enough to go to bed. I resolve to stay awake until 9 pm so as not waste this sleep on a nap and be up the rest of the night. I will report back.

Mike Grossman

If I would have read this last week, I would have thought that you were crazy. However, I happened to fall asleep at around 11PM two nights ago and around 10:30 last night, and man, have these two days been great. I normally fall asleep late, like 2 or 3 AM. So, falling asleep early got me up and out of bed at 6am without an alarm clock and I sure did have some luck. I made more money in those two days then I normally make all week, got more new clients, and made great business contacts for my new start up. In addition, I carried energy all through the day, and I’m replying to a post on a blog, witch I normally don’t do! I second you’re theory!


Perhaps things would have been even better if you made it in bed before 10. That's the real magic number. It's not easy as activity conspires to keep us up but generally speaking, nothing good happens after 10 anyway. Aim for 10. You don't have to fall asleep by 10, just be in bed with lights out and eyes closed. Of course, you have to stay there.

Luis de la Rosa

Interesting - but when do you wake up? 6am?


Personally, I wake up at 5:30am. The most important sleep time is between 10:00pm and 2:00am.


"The most important sleep time is between 10:00pm and 2:00am."

Why is that?


I completely believe that going to bed before 10 PM has many unexplainable positive benifits.

I'm on a college apartment so it's hard to go to bed when others are still up, but I've definitely made it a goal to be in bed by midnight. I should really reset that goal to 11 PM.

You should post a about the process of writing, editing, and marketing a book.

Koorosh Vahabi

As Moslems we are told to go to bed early and wake up early.

In fact we are told that there is a lot of "blessing" from 2 hours before dawn up until dawn itself.

We are told that if we ask from the Creator at these times uur prayers have a better chance of being answered.

One scientist told me that the oxygen content in the air is highest at these times.

He said that "high levels of oxygen settle down at their lowest point atthese times"

Apparently being outdoors at these times, means that our bodies can absorb higher oxygen levels, leaving us more refreshed and more energetic for the rest of the day.

There is more clarity, better hinking, more focus and so on. More can be achieved.


Well, It does sound like it would work. I will certainly give this a try.


I'm really not sure if this will work.
but I'm willing to give anything a try
i don't know what i did wrong like if it's karma or something :(

but this past week have been extremely over hand like I'm being punished.
I was suppose to fill out a high school schedule form to decide on my schedule. But I've lost it.
And i doubt they'd gimme another one but now, the conselor is most likely to decide my whole schedule for the rest of high school!
and 2 days before this. a bottle of soda pour over all my hw, papers, school notes, photos, etc.

and today i lost my homework!
Some of my friends or "used to be" are started to ignore me :'(

my life has gotten terrible!
like I've been cursed!HELP!


I'll try it out tonight.

Charlie Yeoh

I've been needing good luck for a long time and this might work. At least I certainly hope it would work. I had the most horrible day today and I have to find all the thins that I lost. Please, help me!


i will do this and i will report back!


I have had BAD luck for over a year now...
Financially, personally, business.....you name it. I have begun to think that I must have done something really wrong with my 'ying' and my 'yang' is punishing me for it. If it as simple as going to bed by 10pm, I will kiss you....


Why not... I will give this a shot (it is Monday night and I am going to bed before 10pm). Way I see it, I've got nothing to lose (was just going to watch TV, so no loss there). Besides, I could use the extra sleep/energy.


sounds good,I am definitely going to give it a shot,what have i got to loose,its been 2 1/2 yrs of bad luck,hope it works for me,


Thought I'd report on an update... stock markets still are crappy, but at least my work environment has improved (work is good, people are good to me) and my dating scene has improved too. So two out of three is not so bad (then again, sticking with the 10pm sleep time is tough, as there are times during the week of going out with friends, birthdays, etc.) But I'll try it wherever I can...


nice article hope to get sleep early with less plan for next day

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It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.


Looking forward to turn my luck around. I will let you know if this simple trick works!


I wish reading your blog posts Fred

And I still say your life story deserves to be made into a movie...and you should beplayed by jim carrey


What if you work the graveyard shift? (12pm - 8am)

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