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I agree 100%. I had a boss who wasn't a boss at all and I enjoyed my work.

However, "make the job fun" is the difficult part. Fred, any tips on how to do that?

Phil Gomez

It's impossible to give a general answer to this question because each person has a unique definition of what's "fun" for him or her.

But it is true that fun is naturally reinforcing to our behavior (we tend to want to do what's "fun") -- so any change that makes work (meaning: "what needs to be done") fun is helpful.

A great book along these lines is Bringing Out The Best In People by Aubrey Daniels. That book, in a sense, explains the scientific backing behind much of what Fred says. If you've ever been curious about human behavior (yours or other people's), you will find that book a fascinating read.


Hard Worker

I have a lazy boss - and if you are anything like him the only reason you can be lazy is because others are propping up your big fat lazy ass!

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