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Robin Scanlon

Checked out your family logo. I wanna live at your house.


Nice pictures, I like the woodstock years :)

Would be great to hear more about *how* you built your companies despite (or because of(!)) "no money, no business experience, and no knowledge whatsoever of how to make ice cream".

Juho Tunkelo

Hi Fred,

Great job with the site, don't change a thing! It looks like you.

I enjoyed quite a few chuckles as I clicked through it.. I especially liked the story about the "unintuitive banker" and other war stories.



Fred, I agree with Ben. I'd like to know more about *how* you built your companies. How did the original idea come to you? How does a guy start making ice cream with no money? How does he then go from making ice cream to selling it on a global scale?

As a fellow anti-authoritarian, former civil-servant, un-employable, lazy person, I want to do like you have done.

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