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Brisbane Marketing Consultant

What is it with Americans and hammocks? Are they really that popular?

mike walzman

mmmm, I'm not sure, but I know I love em! Just found your blog and I like the way you think, I'll have to stop by again


Hammocks are a symbol of tranquility and relaxation in America.


it never occurred to me that hammocks might not be common somewhere else :-P


are you jewish?

Debbie Wilson

I too used to belong to the "You have to work really hard to get anywhere worthwhile in this world." Then one day, I saw a really small ad which said "Work From Home". Answering that ad was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I now earn more money than I ever believed possible. Work from home when and how I want to, and usually between 10-20 hours per week. Like you, I discovered that life is for living, loving and playing. I love making money the lazy way. And I love reading your blog. Way to go!

Life Coach

Great blog and concept!
Easy does not always mean unproductive. :)
Lazy does not mean that either.
keep up the good work!

Job Self @ Goal Setting

You can structure your life in any way you like. If you structure it so that hard work gives you good rewards, that's what you'll get. If you structure it so that little work gets you (relatively) huge rewards, that's what you'll get too. It's all in the design, that's why we have Volvos, Lexus, Ferraris and Rolls Royces


Nice blog concept and branding.


Lazy way to succeed huh? Is that even possible. I look forward to hearing you prove it. (if you can).

Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

I believe in working smart not hard. Lazy is another word for working smart. When we wear ourselves out at the beginning of the race, how will we ever make it to the end?

Great point and great post! Keep it up!

Paul - themastermap

I agree with this concept. Hard doesn't necessarily mean you would be succesful. Smart work not hard work is key to success.


Yes...I agree with Griff...is it possible to be lazy & succeed? I'll be watching...

Niluka Weerasinghe

If you know the story of tortoise @ Bunny's.
I am the tortoise of the story, slow and smart


Gifts for kids

Well we all know that at the end the tortoise has win the race. the thing is that it is not important that the how much capacity you have. it only thing i that how you can use that capacity.

Choosing Life My Way

I think the difference is that when you are following your passions in life, it never feels like hard work!


I agree with this concept . with smartness and techs U can get more (and do better)then hard work.

Courtney Jones Media

I agree with you. Thanks for the great idea. The more time we give after passion the more we will get success.

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